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I specialise in pregnancy, newborn & family photography.

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From Pregnancy and Beyond...

The discovery that you are pregnant is one of life's most momentous occasions. Watching your body change, feeling that first kick, as your baby moves inside you is something that you will never forget.

In those early first days, with a new-born, a lack of sleep can make the days pass by, in a bit of a haze (particularly with your first baby, when the learning curve is so big).

As they grow up, your children like to see photographs of 'when I was in your tummy Mum'. Babies change and grow so fast, as new developmental stages are reached.

When I was a new mother, I carried my son in a sling, and as I walked around town, I would be approached by many older people, who would look at me and my son wistfully, and they all said, 'It goes so fast' and 'Enjoy every minute'. My oldest son is now a teenager, and they were right.

Let me help you record these most amazing times in your life, where you go from being a couple to a family, or a smaller family to a bigger family. Let me capture those precious moments, for posterity.


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